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The Classic Earl Grey

We have all heard of or had a cup of classic Earl Grey tea. It is a nice alternative to an English Breakfast when you fancy a sweeter hot beverage.

Earl Grey tea has as a base black tea, which originated in China thousands of years ago when they started boiling leaves in order to create hot drinks. It is said that variations of it have been around since then.

However, the most well-known story says that Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey and former prime minister of Britain was gifted a black tea with bergamot oil, which is the main ingredient that gives the tea the citrussy distinctive notes. He liked it so much that he asked British tea merchants to recreate the blend.

Bergamot oil comes from bergamot trees that are solely found in Calabria, Italy. It has unique notes of bitter orange and very sweet lime. Using this oil, the Earl Grey gains its floral and citrussy taste and scent.

Bergamot oil is used in many perfumes and essential oils, and its smell is believed to reduce anxiety levels.

We have our own version, the Duchess Earl Grey which is one of our most popular teas. W recommend that you try it if you haven't yet as it will surely not disappoint.

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