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Kenyan Coffee-A Fruity Surprise

Our coffee of the month is the delightful Kenya AA. For our customers who have not tried it yet, if they choose to do so, they are in for a treat.

Kenyan coffee is not as easily found, because its production has decreased over the years due to the climate change. It is now mostly sourced by roasters directly from smaller farms. With that being said, the hard work of the farmers and various processes that come into play,  you are guaranteed to enjoy a quality cup  when you choose to buy Kenyan coffee.

The bulk of production is on small to medium sized farms, fully washed on site and sun dried on trestles in the sun. Coffee is graded according to size and sold in lots a the weekly auction. There are two harvests each year, the main crop is picked between October and December and the secondary crop (fly crop) picked between June and August.

The coffee is grown on volcanic soil, which makes it really fertile and suitable for the best coffee cherries to be sourced. That also means it grows naturally.

Its growth is aided by the high altitude. The low temperatures make for a slowly but surely developing of the cherries that bring out the acidity, and the blackcurrant and fruity tastes.


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