The Story of Coffeelink


Yesterday we celebrated 16 years since Coffeelink was officially created, and what a 16 years it has been!

Coffeelink started out as an idea between company directors Azzouz and Rebecca over a cup of coffee way back in 2003, but it wasn't until 2005 that an experimental roast in their family kitchen really kickstarted the Coffeelink we know today.

It was a year later that our flagship coffee shop opened on the Ipswich Marina, this lovely little café is still open today and holds the same passion for coffee that it did when it first opened.

We went on to open many more outlets along the way, and in 2014 we said hello to our famous little red fire engine, that now serves coffee at markets and events (details on where you can find us is over on our website)

A love for coffee is what drives Coffeelink to keep moving forward, learning about how it is grown and ensuring that we get our beans form the best farmers is paramount to us. We are very proud to display the Rainforest Alliance seal on the majority of our coffees and know that we are doing everything we can do ensure we contribute in a positive way to our famers and environment.

We are still working hard today to bring new and delicious coffees to our customers. Each coffee we sell has a wonderful story behind it, something that we want to share with you all.

Over the next few weeks of blogs we will be diving deeper into the Coffeelink story and all the 'behind the scenes' aspects you might not have known about, including the amazing story of how our Ambush coffee came to be part of the Coffeelink line-up! We will also be showcasing particular coffees every week, so keep an eye out for our future posts.

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