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The Perfect Coffee Cake

We talk a lot here at Coffeelink about making the perfect brew, but we also know a thing or two about how to use coffee in baking.

You can use freshly brewed coffee to get that lovely taste in a cake - but did you know that by using actual grounds packs more of a punch and gives you that delightful taste of coffee?

We recommend a Turkish grind for baking - this is a wonderfully fine grind and won't leave gritty pieces in your cake. You can select this grind on our website or email us to ensure you get the perfect baking grind.

For any recipe that calls for coffee you can make this simple swap. All of our coffees have different and distinct tastes that can really elevate any baking project!

Do you bake and use coffee? What would you say is the best type of cake to have with your afternoon brew?

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