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Coffee Quality Scores

If you have ordered with us recently you may have found one of our handy tasting cards in with your order.

These cards hold a wealth of knowledge about your selected coffee, with information about where it was grown and who farmed it. We also include the aroma and taste notes as well as the Quality Score of the coffee.

But what is a quality score and what does it matter when it comes to coffee?

A score is given by the SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) and the term "speciality coffee" is given to the highest grade of coffee available.

Speciality coffee is widely accepted as a score of 80-100 and is then broken down into the following:

- Score of 90-100 is outstanding

-Score of 85-89.99 is excellent

-Score of 80-84.99 is very good

But how is this score decided? Each coffee gains points for things such as aroma, flavour, body, balance, sweetness, uniformity and cleanliness. Once the coffee has been tested these points are added together to give the final score.

What makes our beans here at Coffeelink are the farmers that grow them. We are so proud to work with all of them and make sure that our coffee is the best that it can be. 



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