Ethiopian Limu Grade 1 (Washed)
Ethiopian Limu Grade 1 (Washed) Old Brown Java Ethiopian Limu Grade 1 (Washed) Ethiopian Limu Grade 1 (Washed) Ethiopian Limu Grade 1 (Washed) Ethiopian Limu Grade 1 (Washed) Ethiopian Limu Grade 1 (Washed) Ethiopian Limu Grade 1 (Washed) Ethiopian Limu Grade 1 (Washed) Ethiopian Limu Grade 1 (Washed)
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Floral & Sweet

Limu Grade 1 Washed

About the coffee

This speciality coffee has been directly sourced by us, along with our friends and long standing Charity, PFC Ethiopia (Partners for Change, Ethiopia) and we are delighted to now offer you this incredible coffee!

Available to buy as green beans, roasted beans or ground to your preference, this grade 1, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is one of our most favoured single origins and best sellers, also selected by us as truly great  'all day' coffee.

About the growers

Limu coffees are famous for their washed type with effervescent brightness in the cup. As a sub-region of Sidamo, Yirgacheffe is quite a specific designation in its own right. Here we have an extraordinarily bright coffee, with soaring floral and citrus notes.  


  • Coffee Name/Type: Limu - Washed Grade 1 
  • Country of Origin: Ethiopia
  • Region/Area: Sidama, Kebele Village, Gotiti
  • Altitude: Minimum (Meters above sea-level): 1850
  • Altitude: Maximum (Meters above sea-level): 2110
  • Process: Washed
  • Average Rainfall: 1600-1900mm
  • Temperature: Average Annual Temperatures: 22-28 
  • Miller Name: Birkee Legese Washed coffee station 
  • Farmer: Belcho Rufo and Various small holders  
  • Varietal: Local selected variety
  • Flavor: Aroma, floral and sweet
  • Cup Profile: Floral and citrus notes, lemon and chocolate, cherry flavor’s with lots critic acidity and, bright smooth mouthful
  • Cupping Score: 84


Tasting notes

  • There are jasmine and honey aromatics, vivid citrus notes, dashes of cardamon and nutmeg spice, and a remarkable clarity and resolution of these flavours in the aftertaste. It's not for those unsure about bright, dynamic acidity in coffee. But if you like great Kenya's, and the punctuated and piquant highest-grown centrals then you might have the palate for this Yirgacheffe.

Grind type

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