Coffeelink Espresso Blend
Coffeelink Espresso Blend Coffeelink Espresso Blend Coffeelink Espresso Blend
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There is something special and unique about a perfectly pulled espresso shot. The crema, the intense flavour, not to mention the caffeine kick. Pure coffee joy. But even though it seems straightforward, there are actually quite a few hundred things we go through to get a really good blend. We start with the people we work with, we make sure they are good, honest people that can look after and delver good or great coffee cherries.
We are very proud of our exacting standards when it coms to roasting our coffee, and we feel this really comes through in both taste and aroma. So our wonderful classic Coffeelink Espresso Blend is the perfect espresso any time of day. A delicious blend of coffees from across three continents. Once you taste our espresso blend, it will only leave you wanting more!
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