Brazil Serra Negra
Brazil Serra Negra Brazil Serra Negra

About the coffee

Baggio Platinum coffees are the finest quality Arabica coffees from Astor Baggio's coffee plantation at Fazenda Pindaibas in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Located at an altitude of about 3,000 feet in Brazil's premiere coffee region.

About the growers

The Baggio family tradition of growing coffee dates back to 1886 when they emigrated from Italy.

Brazil occupies almost half the landmass of South America and is the only Portuguese-speaking country in the region. The sheer size of the country and the mix of ethnic origins – mainly Indigenous, African and European – has given Brazil a diverse cultural identity. Brazil is the 10th largest economy in the world and in recent years there has been a strong expansion into a growing industry with a whole range of agricultural products being added to traditional exports such as coffee.

Tasting notes 

  •   Peach, milk chocolate, with a silky body, ending with a hint of dry spiciness and sweetness on the palate.

Grind type

Select the grind type to fit your way of making coffee. To learn more about the different processes visit our Brew Guides.