Oomph Coffee Maker - Brilliant Red
Oomph Coffee Maker - Brilliant Red Oomph Coffee Maker - Transparent Oomph Coffee Maker - Blue Oomph Coffee Maker in Midnight Black

Introducing Oomph Coffee Maker,  the world’s fastest hand powered portable coffee maker and insulated travel cup!

In under two minutes Oomph makes a full 13 oz cup of coffee using a pressure brewing system for rich, smooth tasting coffee. Its innovative insulated design keeps your coffee hot for up to an hour, and built-in active stirring technology means no more bitter last sip! 

Jonny England, Licensed Q Grader, Certified World Barista Judge, Certified World Brewers Cup Judge, Authorised SCAE Trainer:   
”Would I buy the Oomph? Absolutely, definitely yes“

Product features:

• Brand: Oomph
• Body material: BPA free Tritan
• Filter material: stainless steel 
• Filter lifespan: permanent
• Size: 13oz of fresh coffee
• Colour: transparent
• Brew time: less than 2 minutes
• Brew pressure: up to 5 bar
• Marked to: ‘Max water fill’
• Marked to: ‘Max coffee fill’
• Insulation: maintains temperature for up to 1 hour
• Adjustable brew strength
• No over extraction
• Intelligent grind correction
• Variable strength control
• Active stirring via inbuilt turbine
• Also available: red, blue, midnight black