The Ambush Ceremony

Our lovely coffee of the month, Ambush, comes from Oromia, the largest region of Ethiopia.  In Oromia, coffee-drinking is considered sacred and the locals have a ritual for the process.

It starts by adding coal in a brazier, lighting it up and roasting the green coffee beans on top. Later on, the roasted coffee is hand-grinded and boiled in a pot.

After the coffee is brewed, it needs to be cooled down before it can be served to the rituals' participants.

The grounds are brewed three times in total, and the cups are filled up to the top each time. It is believed to bring bad luck if you have less than 3 coffees.

The ritual is meant to bring blessings and prosperity for guests, or is viewed as a social activity. It is also popular to use incense during the ceremony and have a snack on the table, such as popcorn.

For us, it's more than a celebration. When you escape an ambush with a shot fired two meters away from you, every sip of coffee becomes a ritual of gratitude. And that is the story of Coffeelink's director, Azzouz.

If you haven not tried Ambush yet, it has a creamy, fruity taste and an intense aroma of milk chocolate, lavender, berries and lemon. It became a customer-favourite ever since adding it to the website.

Perhaps the story behind the ceremonies can inspire us all to enjoy every sip of coffee and create a ritual of our own.


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