Moka or Mocha?

We have all heard about mocha coffee. Now, mocha coffee can be related to two different types of coffee. The original name comes from a type of coffee bean from Yemen, Yemen Moka, or the more popular Mocha. It is a sweet, very chocolatey bean without any artificial flavorings and is a very sought-after commodity.

Yemen Mocha Haraazi

Now, the more common type of of mocha that many have heard of or tried is the mocha coffee (or caffe), that is very similar to a latte. It is made with espresso, frothed milk and cocoa powder/syrup. Actually, a mocha can be made just with the powder and the espresso, but the first one is more popular as many of us have a sweet tooth and like to go for the one that is more dessert-like in taste.

The first mocha coffee was created the United States in the 18th century and it was inspired by Bicerin, a drink very popular in Turin, Italy. 

It was made by mixing espresso, chocolate and milk or cream. It would look deconstructed until stirred for all the ingredients to be mixed together.

It is a drink that can be enjoyed by anyone as it can be customized. You can add solid chocolate and melt it before mixing with the shot of espresso, you can add add dark chocolate for a less sweeter taste. You can add the original mocha beans with cocoa powder/chocolate syrup and experience the most original version of the hot drink.

You can found Yemen Mocha Haraazi on our website, and the cocoa powder/chocolate syrup needed to make the perfect drink at home.

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