The Coffee Habit

A cup of coffee from a bag of freshly roasted Coffeelink Coffee works out to cost 46p per cup; this is based on our Espresso Blend 1kg bag 1 scoop per cup but can vary depending on how many you have a day/quantity etc. So even if you only drink one coffee a day at work, you’ll save yourself nearly on average £340 a year! What will you invest in with the money you have saved by ditching those takeaway coffees… A new bike? A flashy camera? Or a weekend away in Europe?

Let’s face it, your morning commute can be stressful enough without battling the crowds for a cup of coffee. When it comes to high street coffee, the quality just doesn’t stand up. Most of the time your beans are burnt, tasteless or just not quite right. A bad coffee can ruin your day, so why take that risk?

Brewing your own cup of Coffeelink will produce a consistently great-tasting cup of coffee every day. That’s because it’s made by you, just the way you like it. Specially as it's always freshly roasted.

It really doesn't take too long.. First, you need hot water. Second, pop your ground coffee into your cafetiere or which ever method you prefer. Third, let it brew for 3 minutes. Finally, pour your freshly brewed coffee into a travel mug, and add sugar and milk, if that’s how you like your coffee. It really is that simple! This is definitely less time than it takes to travel to your local coffee shop, stand in line, order, pay and wait for your drink to made.

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