Ever wondered about the coffee from Honduras?

Honduras is found between the Pacific Ocean to the west and Caribbean gulf coast to the East, with Guatemala bordering to the north and Nicaragua to the South. Given the location, it is fairly obvious they produce amazing coffee. 

During harvest when the coffee is at its optimum ripeness, cherry is collected manually by men and women, careful to collect only the ripe fruits. Then it is transported to the beneficio of one of the owners, to be pulped. It is then brought to a drying area for a controlled sun drying on African beds, where it is moved every thirty minutes to preserve the quality for 12-15 days until the coffee reaches 12% humidity.

Lempira, the varietal that shares a name with the department and is significant in Honduras, was until recently rust-resistant, so having a mix of varieties on the farms as a way of increasing genetic diversity and therefore crop security is important. Ihcafe90 is a Catura/Timor Hybrid cross with high yield potential, selected by Instituto Hondureño del Café.

Honduras is beginning to display itself as a leader in speciality coffee. Experimenting with processing methods, have meant a number of Honduran producers offering multiple processing methods from the same producer; an exciting prospect for the discerning coffee roaster. 

Coffee is a key player in the country's economy alongside minerals, tropical fruit and sugar cane. So when purchasing the Honduras Honey you are contributing to the local economy and helping the members of staff on the farm, which is a rewarding experience. 

The main tasting notes are strawberry and peach. The cup of coffee is light-bodied and smooth, so even non-coffee drinkers could fall in love with this fantastic coffee bean! 

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