How about half the caffeine?

In recent years, many people have researched the benefits of switching to decaf coffee.

About 20% of the British public has consumed decaf coffee, especially post-pandemic. During lockdown our buying behaviors have changed, and that includes what we eat and drink too as we are more conscious of the impact on our overall health. The demand has grown high in the UK about, as it doubled the amount of decaf imported from 2018 to 2022.

2023 is now considered a year of growth for decaf coffee producers, however it may be impacted by the recession we have all felt lately. With all that in mind,  there was a 6% decrease in decaf coffee purchases from supermarkets while shoppers moved on the online market. The aspect behind this purchase behavior is customers are still priotising quality over quantity and being mindful what they eat and drink, and that includes coffee too.

We have a passion for good coffee, and our promise to you is to continuously be the link between you and ethically-sourced, freshly-roasted coffee. 

As mentioned, we make sure our beans are of the highest quality, both caf and decaf. All of our decafs are decaffeinated using the Swiss Water decaf. 

We have now created a blend to satisfy both needs for our coffeeholics: half caf and half decaf. If you want to check it out, please look for the All Day Blend.

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