A Little Bit of Chai Tea History

Chai tea has a history going back thousands of years ago. The blend was created in India and it was thought to have cleansing and revitalizing properties and that would even be a cure for minor health problems.

At first, only spices were used to create the brew that could be consumed either hot or cold. At the beginning of the 1900's a British owned Indian association adopted the recipe and added black tea in the mix, making the drink rather expensive for consumers. They created a marketing strategy and implemented tea breaks at work to warm the public to the newly-developed brew. In order to keep the costs down, more spices would be added to the blend and it would be suggested to have it served with milk and sugar. This is what made it a hit!

With the technology advancing throughout the years companies started using various mechanisms to bring costs down, and chai tea production was not an exception. Many street vendors adopted the beverage into their menu and it is now one of the most popular drinks in India, and throughout the world.

The warming flavour makes for a great addition to coffees as well. Many coffee shops have either syrups or powders that are added to the coffees and it has become a staple among customers all over the world.

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