A Fuller Flavour of Coffeelink

Tanzanian Blue Mountain: A wonderful after dinner coffee

Aroma:  Butterscotch Sweet
Flavour:  Kiwi, chocolate and blackberry
Body: Smooth
Acidity:  Bright, Zesty and citric



Ethiopian Yirgacheffe: Makes a great all day coffee

Aroma: Light & Floral

Flavour: Sweet and Fruity, with lemon notes and a hint of jasmine

Body: Smooth Acidity: Citrus, bright and clean


Costa Rican Tarrazu - Best for a great Espresso!

Aroma:  Floral elements with spicy fruit

Flavour: Sweet from start to finish

Body: Light with a refined clean after taste

Acidity: Clear and bright





Colombia Supremo Noble (Oro De Suarez) - For Breakfast

Aroma: Rich and fruity

Flavour: Caramel notes, balanced fruitiness with a bittersweet cocoa finish

Body: Medium/Smooth

Acidity: Light with Hints of Blackcurrant









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