The Aeropress (Our best seller)!
Our number one best seller! The Aeropress is one of the newest brew methods in the world of coffee making products. As well as for use at home, this nifty little product will sit well on any desk in any office, making a real ‘coffee lover’ statement, whilst creating envy amongst your colleagues! Its portability and durability also make it ideal for travel, and its design and range of use allow it produce excellent coffee with a myriad of variables. The Aeropress is an immersion brewer with a pressing motion, though very different from the Cafetiere. Brewing with this device is relatively quick and simple to clean. The final cup will be rich and clean, free of sediment and the fun is in the experimenting to find your perfect fit!

Tips for that perfect Aeropress brewing result:

The following method was used by Lukas Zahradnik of Slovakia, winner of the ‘World Aeropress Championships’ in 2015!
  1. Coffee: 20g
  2. Water: 230g @ 79°CBuy an Áeropress
  3. Brewer: Inverted
  4. Filter: Paper
  5. Grind coffee at "7.3" o
  6. Heat water to 79°C
  7. Add 60g of water
  8. Allow 30 seconds of bloom
  9. Add the rest of the water in 10 seconds
  10. Press down for 45 seconds
  11. Total brew time - 1:35

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